Why Memorial Day 2015 Is Worth Celebrating

This year we celebrate Memorial Day on May 25th, 2015. Set aside this day to honor and remember all of those who have served in our country’s military and particularly those who have sacrificed their lives in our service. Memorial Day finds it roots in the time following the Civil War where over 600,000 Americans died in our country’s most deadly war in history. Today we still have great need to honor our soldiers.

memorial day

Today our country is divided in so many things. We don’t agree about religion, civil rights, guns, health insurance, foreign policy, media, and so much more. There is one thing we all agree on. Ask any of your neighbors and any of your co-workers how they feel about America and you will find that the love for the red, white, and blue still runs deep and fast. That is why we all have an equal obligation to remember and honor those who have given their own lives to defend this nation and the few things we agree on.

Diversity makes us strong but only the spilled blood of our soldiers keeps us safe. This memorial day remember those whose sacrifice has been given in blood on a battle field.

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