Nevada Legislature Kills Two Anti-Gun Bills

Back in March, there was quite a bit of worry from the gun owners of Nevada over two pieces of anti-gun legislature that were on the road through the state house but now it appears that these bills are no more.

The bills were titled SB 115 and SB 387. It was said that the bills were brought forth with the best of intentions, however, that did not quell the worries of the immense number of detractors from the bills.

Senate Bill 115 was brought about by Clark County Democrats as a way to extend a law banning weapons from education establishments such as schools, universities, and daycare facilities to all public libraries, whether or not they were attached to a school.

This bill did have some momentum as it passed the State Senate in a 12-9 decision back in March, however in the State House, there was a number of debate over specifics in the bill that caused its demise, such as no ruling on whether or not parking lots would be included in the ban and Republican fears that the bill could make libraries hotbeds of crime. Because of the length of these debates going past the current session, SB 115 is considered dead.

The same goes for SB 387, which is another casualty of delaying going past the end of the legislative session.

SB 387 was a very controversial piece of legislation which would have allowed family or other members of a household to submit reports of who they deemed to be “high-risk individuals” to law enforcement. If the law enforcement agreed with the reports, they could then seek a court order to remove the individual’s firearms temporarily.

Many gun owners and even non-gun owners around Nevada expressed concern for this bill because of the chance for errors in judgment that could infringe upon a citizen’s second amendment rights. The idea that hearsay may affect whether or not someone could have a gun was seen as a huge issue towards gun rights and thankfully those in the state house fought the good fight and kept this legislation from ever becoming law.

Now we talked a lot about some of these laws, and hopefully you were caught up on the laws of your state, but if any of these updates came as a surprise and you would like to know more about what’s going on in Nevada’s world of gun laws, make sure to pick up our FREE Concealed Carry Guide that takes you through the gun laws of your state and many others to make sure you are up to date with your knowledge of the law.

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