Las Vegas Carrier Defends Man from His Own Son’s Knife Attack

Las Vegas Defensive Shooting

Bringing a knife to a gunfight is a proverbially terrible idea. Pulling a knife on a helpless civilian is a legally terrible idea. Pulling a knife on a helpless civilian within eyesight of an armed good Samaritan is perhaps the MOST terrible idea. However, that’s what happened in Las Vegas last Thursday, November 9th.

Las Vegas Police had responded to an incident at around 9 a.m. at Tropicana Avenue and Missouri Avenue, near Boulder Highway that started with an eyewitness report of a parked car shaking violently with someone inside.

What police found out was causing the ruckus was a dispute between a stepfather and his 30-year-old stepson James Garcia. It is not known what started the fight, but what is known is that Garcia quickly went beyond a simple war of words when he brutally pulled out a knife and began stabbing his stepfather inside.

As this was going on, an unnamed citizen witnessed the violent act. Luckily this civilian was armed with a concealed carry pistol and approached the car ordering Garcia to stop what he was doing and drop the knife. The shock of another person coming into the scene got Garcia off of his stepfather.

Garcia walked over to the armed citizen for a brief moment before returning to the car, where it seemed that he was going to stab his stepfather once again. It was at that point that the concealed carrier shot Garcia in the stomach.

Following that, Garcia’s stepfather was safe from being stabbed once again by his mad son and could now wait for the police and ambulances to arrive.

The paramedics took Garcia and his stepfather to Sunrise Hospital. The stepfather was in stable condition following his knife wounds and as for James Garcia, he was originally in critical condition following his gutshot but has since improved to stable condition. Soon he should be able to make it to the local jail to serve out his punishment for his disgusting actions.

As for the shooter, an investigation is ongoing regarding the incident, but it has not been said that he will be punished for his actions.

What do you think of this story? Do you think having a gun helped the good Samaritan of our story or do you think this situation didn’t call for a gun? Let us know in the comments below.

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