Armed Defender and 2 Criminals Wounded in Home Invasion

Las Vegas Police (LVPD) report two men in custody after they were shot in a home invasion early Saturday morning.

According to police, 24-year-old Michael Moore, and 23-year-old Devin Taft broke into a home in the Southwest Valley.

The homeowner, Lieu Tran, told 3 News:

“Two guys come to my house. They shot my son first then my son shot them back,” Lieu said.

Her son, 34-year-old Nan Tran, told investigators he heard a window break and then two men entered his mothers’ home. Nan pulled his gun out and the trio exchanged gunfire. All three men where hit.

Nan was hit in the leg, and the would-be home invaders fled the scene. He was treated at the hospital but nothing further has been reported about his condition.

Moore and Taft were dropped off at Southern Hill Hospital around ten minutes after the shooting and at first listed in critical condition.

They were treated and released into the custody of LVPD detectives who booked them into Clark County Detention Center and held on $250,000 bail.

Tracey Elledge, who lives in the home behind the Tran’s said about the shooting:

“I just heard a couple of shots and I was like, ‘oh that’s familiar.’ When he (police officer) said the homeowner fired back, I was like, ‘Good for him’ and as far as I’m concerned whoever the suspect is, he won’t be robbing anybody else’s house.”

Another neighbor of the Tran’s, Ryan Lewis, said:

“Fortunately, the homeowner was able to protect himself and he’s safe. Unfortunately, these guys (criminals) have did something very stupid that may have cost them their lives.”

Lewis went on to say he believes in making your home a hard target by installing home security measures,

“People have to take the proper precautions, unfortunately, these days. Big dogs, lights, cameras, I have all of that on my home.”

Both men were charged with attempted murder, home invasion, mayhem, battery, conspiracy, grand larceny, robbery and discharging a gun into a structure.

A status check is scheduled for the pair at Las Vegas Justice Court at 8:30 Tuesday morning.

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However, in the words of Mike Tyson,

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

Get a med kit to treat yourself and your family in case things don’t go according to plan and you need it like Mr. Tran did. But do yourself a favor and learn how to use it.

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  1. Joe on April 20, 2020 at 7:45 am

    Why are these two criminals held on any bail? They are armed criminals who committed attempted murder. Are you kidding me?

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