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The Muscle Memory Training Conundrum

If you have sat through one of our in person classes you know that the primary objective of ongoing firearm training is to build muscle memory. Your intent is to teach the body how to react automatically and without thought or fine motor skill when under pressure. This requires a lot of repetition. The problem […]

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2015 Updated “Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States” Book Now Available

The book is currently in its 19th edition with over 1,000,000 copies sold since the first edition was published in 1996. Owners of recreational vehicles make up one of the book’s largest readerships. But any gun owner who travels with a firearm will find the Traveler’s Guide’s insight extremely helpful. Aside from being favorably reviewed […]

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How to Do Date Night At The Gun Range

People often give me strange looks when I tell them that one of my wife’s and I’s favorite things to do for date night is go to the gun range. Training time is hard to get in with a busy schedule and even more so when you have young kids. I figure if I’m already […]

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Is Training Too Expensive To Do Often

When I run into people who took my classes many months or years earlier I’m accustomed to asking them two follow up questions. The first question is “How often do you carry concealed?” The second question, “How often do you train for self defense?” An alarming number of my past students only train a few […]

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Concerns With Concealed Carry And Winter Gloves

Winter is here and many parts of the country are dealing with record breaking low temperatures. As your dress changes so do your tactics for concealed carry and self-defense. In today’s article I want to address questions about gloves. To Wear Gloves or Not to Wear Gloves Gloves are a huge hindrance to handling a […]

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