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How to Get Rid of Gun Free Zones

I am taking it for granted that the majority of our readers already understand WHY we need to get rid of the gun free zones. Today’s article is focused on how I think we might go about the legal process. As a general rule, when we refer to gun free zones we are referring to […]

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Why Magazine Capacity Limitations Are A Bad Idea

Why Are Politicians Calling for Magazine Capacity Limitations? In the words of Joe Biden when speaking about the need for magazine capacity limits after the Newtown Conn shooting, “Maybe if it took longer, maybe one more kid would be alive.” There seems to be a group of people out there who are calling for capacity […]

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Why Universal Background Checks Won’t Work

Of the many common rhetoric of the gun-control lobby, one of the more frequent we hear is a call for “Universal background checks.” This article covers all the core points surrounding the arguments for and against this legislation. Next time you hear anyone call “Universal background checks” a good idea please send them the link to […]

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What Is Cognitive Dissonance and What Does it Have to Do With Politics and Gun Safety

**Warning… some science and psychology in this article… reader beware! Among the most natural of human instincts is the need to convince oneself that one’s actions are good and acceptable. In order to understand what is generally called self-justification we have to start with another scientific term; cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is used to describe […]

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