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Cold Weather Carry Concerns

Some time ago I was a participant in a radio talk show here in Utah. A good friend of mine is the regular host. While listening I called in regarding the following question: “What is different about carrying your firearm in cold weather?” This was a timely concern as I had been practicing accessing my carry gun from […]

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Concealed Carry Jackets For Winter

Senior Instructor Damon Thueson is with Ron again looking at more options for winter concealed carry. –>Click here to watch on YouTube (Don’t Forget to Subscribe to our Channel) Damon’s Monday Video Each Monday we publish a video with one of our Senior Instructors, Damon Thueson. Damon has a big personality and a great approach at […]

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Concerns With Concealed Carry And Winter Gloves

Winter is here and many parts of the country are dealing with record breaking low temperatures. As your dress changes so do your tactics for concealed carry and self-defense. In today’s article I want to address questions about gloves. To Wear Gloves or Not to Wear Gloves Gloves are a huge hindrance to handling a […]

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